Par 3 Shootout to take place this Sunday

The Alpena Golf Course’s annual Par 3 Shootout will take place this Sunday at 5 p.m. Golfers competing in the event have one chance to shoot a hole-in-one and win $1 million.

Competitors were chosen throughout the summer during the “Par 3” Sundays. On these days, the Alpena Golf Course converted the front nine into a par three course. Golfers attempted to get the ball as close to the pin as possible on each hole.

Competitors for this year’s tournament are: George Benson, Larry Worth, Jan Kaiser, Mike Wodja, Mike T. O’Brien, Jason Rensberry, Jim Matuzak, Alan Dean and Adam Hainstock. Wodja and Matuzak earned their spot on the roster the last day of the challenge.

A 10th competitor will be chosen at random from one of the many non-placing Par 3 competitors. No competitor has ever won the million, but prizes, such as televisions, are given out every year.

A dinner for all competitors will take place after the event has concluded. See page 3B for a list of weekly winners as well as the winning distances for each Par 3 hole winner.