Reader takes exception with Rampell column

Have you ever noticed how liberals support their lies with truth or half truths. A case in point is the editorial by Catherine Rampell. She claims that an elderly person receives $7 for every $1 received by a child. The lie by implication is that the government gives them that money. She fails to mention that the elderly paid for that $7 and also for the $1 the child receives. She also claims that the unemployed receive a maximum of 60 weeks unemployment. It is true that the unemployed receive the maximum of 60 weeks for each period of unemployment. The lie by implication is that she doesn’t mention how many times the 60 weeks period is renewed. She states that the largest toll on the government’s bottom line each year is loopholes, deductions, etc. in the tax code. The lie by implication is that the government is giving people this money, when it is the people’s money all along and they just aren’t handing it over to the government. In liberals’ view that’s the same as the government giving people money. She mentions that the average food stamp recipient’s meal is $1.50. She doesn’t mention how much of the food stamp money is spent on beer, booze and cigarettes. No wonder the average meal price is $1.50.

Earl W. Elowsky