Chippewa trail less appeal for taking a walk

We appreciated Mary Beth Stutzman’s column on encouraging tourism in our area. Besides a “warm and friendly port” Alpena and its surroundings offer beautiful lakes and forests. At least they did. So far nothing has yet spoiled the lakes, but our forests are being decimated by disease and lumbering. We were stunned when we walked the Chippewa trails to find that what had only the day before been a gorgeous wooded path was now a nightmare with so many trees covered with orange slashes. Apparently the marked trees are due to be cut in three years’ time. In the meantime the forest looks tortured. No matter the explanation given for marking and harvesting the trees, which didn’t make a lot of sense, and the forester’s assurance that the forest would be beautiful when done, I look at that trail and at all the lumbering currently taking place in Northern Michigan and the U.P and want to throw up my hands and shout “Stop,” I’m not sure I’ll want to continue to walk Chippewa. Would tourists? I don’t think so.

Pat Shaffer

Hubbard Lake