Eagles Auxiliary initiates member

Alpena Ladies Eagles Auxiliary #1241 met Aug. 12 with President Diane R. Struzik presiding. During a candlelight ceremony, Patti Tews was initiated and welcomed by the membership.

Secretary Pat P. LaHaie announced the members whose birthdays are in August, and “Happy Birthday” was sung to Gere Romel, who was present. Struzik announced that members who attend during the month of their birthday will receive a birthday gift from her.

Any ladies who have filled out an application for membership are asked to contact the interviewing committee of Diane Marchlewski or Helen Lister as soon as possible before they can be initiated. They can be initiated the same day they are interviewed. Contact the aerie for the phone numbers of either Marchlewski or Lister.

A report on the picnic winners included: Steve Gadany, winner of a folding lawn chair with a stand and candle donated by Struzik, and Betty Moore, winner of a summer picnic basket donated by LaHaie.

Jacqueline Allen won dues, Mary Zawacki won attendance, and LaHaie and Zawacki both won mystery prizes. Gere Romel and Struzik won door prizes. Table prizes went to Jan Baumgart, Barbara Newhouse, Struzik, Marchlewski, Lister and Zawacki.

A report was given on the luau party held Aug. 9, where Jamie Vanwagner was chosen as bartender of the year. Connie and Don Mathison were named Mr. and Mrs. Eagle. Hula dance winner was Jennifer Goodrich. Sally Dumch won the cooler.

A District 8 meeting will be held Sept. 14 at 2:30 p.m. at the Atlanta Aerie.

LaHaie shared a story called “Fishing with George.”

The next meeting is this Tuesday. There will be an officers meeting and potluck at 6 p.m., followed by the regular meeting.