Letter wrongly characterized Harley riders

When I read your letter I chuckled, because you don’t have all the facts on Real Motorcyclists.

About a month ago we had the same experience as your wife, sat on our motorcycle on M-32 for hours with a flat tire. A lot of trucks, cars, motorcycles drove by. Even a Police officer. Only two people stopped and asked if we needed help. One drove a car the other a truck. We didn’t care what they drove, just that they stopped out of the kindness of their heart. Now you would expect the police officer to stop, He didn’t. Does that give me the right to judge policemen as being inferior, because he drives a cop car?

I am sure a lot of cars, trucks also drove past your wife without stopping. US-23 and M-32 both have lots of traffic. It sounds like you are judging people because of their choice of motorcycle and if you ride a Harley you are in a club.

Most Harley owners are in Chapters not Clubs. They join this group of people for lots of reason, Training, Fun sponsored rides, Benefits, like when you get a flat tire. You call the 1-800 number on the back of your card. Harley will call a tow truck and call the closest Dealer to help, even help pay for your tow. And in our case it was Zips from Gaylord. They had two mechanics stay after hours to help us get back on the road. Now that’s what I call Good people.

I am the Membership Office for Huron Shores Chapter of Alpena. If someday choose to own a Harley, We would welcome you with open arms to our Chapter, you could get all the benefits of being a H.O.G. Harleys Owner Group.

Ellen Dohn