Great Start a good investment in our kids

I would like to take this opportunity to increase public awareness of the Great Start to Quality Resource Center in our community and some of the services they provide. Great Start to Quality is Michigan’s tiered quality rating and improvement program for child care and preschool. The Resource Center provides information for parents regarding child care and is working to improve the quality of child care by providing training and resources for child care providers and teachers.

The Great Start staff are qualified and committed individuals who spend many hours and travel many miles to carry out these services. I have had the pleasure of working with some of the Great Start staff and they have provided valuable training for my staff and myself. It is great to be able to access training close to home since the majority of classes and training for teachers working with young children are most often offered in Southern Michigan.

The Resource Center also has many resources to lend, books, videos and assessments that are costly to purchase. Through the Resource Center providers and preschool teachers can access tools that are cost prohibitive to purchase. In many cases resulting in more accurate assessments to help identify potential problems that children may have. Early intervention can aid in a child receiving services to ensure success once entering school.

I support and appreciate the efforts of the Great Start to Quality in their mission to provide quality child care and preschool for the youngest citizens of Michigan. An investment in our children now is worth the time and effort to assure that all children are ready for school when they enter.

Sheila E. Molenkamp

Treetops Children’s Center