Road crew was there working bright, early

Our deepest apologies go out to the resident of Birchwood Meadows who was forced to exit their drive way by an inconvenient route (a one way gravel road) for weeks while the road project was underway. As far as seeing work being done I don’t think you would be a good judge. Very few cars come out of Birchwood before 10 a.m. missing a good portion of our day. Perhaps an earlier wakeup and a trip to the other end of the job by our critics would result in seeing more work done. Our crew works hard through heat, rain and sore muscles to bring you water, sewer and a new road. For this we are compensated with a paycheck. Taxes are taken out of this paycheck which help pay for government programs such as Birchwood Apartments. With this in mind perhaps a letter of thanks to all those who work and pull their own weight and the weight of others would have been more appropriate than a complaint about the “end of the driveway being mostly blocked off.” I’m not trying to be cruel, I’m all for helping those in need but when my work ethic is called into question I do tend to take offense. Perhaps, if more Americans took as much pride in a hard day of work as construction workers do we would be better off.

American ends with I can.

Adrian MacArthur

Construction Laborer