Fair board did a great job putting on the fair

Bad news comes first so I will say that as a parent of three past 4H kids all learned the lessons of taking the good with the bad. So if you complain about the new price structure did you compliment the fair directors on the $375 turkeys or pigs going for $2.50 a pound? The world changes, we don’t milk by hand anymore and an ox yoke is something hanging on a wall as a decoration.

I ran the Optimist Club concession trailer again this year. President Jerry Bleau and all the directors of the Ag Society are nothing but first class citizens, wonderful to work with and have my full support. They are not liars. Your disagreement in my opinion is totally flawed with guile.

The directors are all volunteers that face a huge job, big responsibility with little thanks and no pay. The challenges of changing demographics, the economy and our place on the map just ups the ante. They all stood tall and took the test and yes they took the risks. Was it perfect, no. Was it even better, yes and no. Will it be better because of this year, yes.

I was always at the fairgrounds by 8 a.m. and left by 11 p.m. They were always there before and after me. Director Keith Ahoski never stops smiling. A 4H kid pushing 50.

Dana Howard