Willieoma Roznowski enjoys extended 86th birthday

Willieoma (Bleau) Roznowski of Alpena recently celebrated her 86th birthday in grand style. It started July 29 with the arrival of two sisters, Joan (Bleau) Burns from Clio and Barbara (Bleau) Agius from Atlanta, Ga., along with nephew Ernest Burns II of Clio.

The three sisters and Ernest enjoyed looking at old photographs. They also took some memorable photos in Willieoma’s backyard. The women dressed up in long, old-fashioned dresses, hats, long beads and fancy shoes. Ernest was the sheriff with special attire that included a hat, boots and a badge.

The foursome then spent the rest of the day shopping at various local stores. Aug. 1 took them to a large and successful garage sale at Sunset School.

The following day, Mary Lou Roznowski, Nancy Roznowski Dulebohn and Edward Dulebohn arrived in Alpena from Durham and Wilmington, N.C. Dr. Daniel Roznowski and Marilyn Roznowski also came from Floria.

On Aug. 3, the family gathered at Mike and Helen Roznowski’s Long Lake home where Sally (Roznowski) Wong and Allan Wong served dinner. The weather continued to be perfect.

Mass was celebrated and communion taken at Monsignor Raymond Mulka’s home on Washington Avenue on Aug. 4. He then conversed with the party attending, sharing stories of his childhood, seminary life and priesthood of 65 years. Mary Seguin assisted with the mass. The monsignor and Willieoma are working on putting together a book of his homilies from his many sermons.

Another fun day was spent Aug. 5 at the Grand Lake cottage of Clarence and Robin Roznowski. This beach party was hosted by Mary Lou, Nancy and Ed with assistance from Ashley Chojnacki. Margaret (Bleau) Kamyszek, Alphonse Kamyszek, Mark Bleau and Willieoma supplied music with voice, harmonica, guitar and violin. Everyone joined in singing.

Willieoma headed to the Senior Citizens Center in Posen on Aug. 6 with Viola Petrykowski and her daughter from Indiana, where she was given a free meal ticket and “Happy Birthday” was sung to her.

The grand finale of her birthday celebration was a party held Aug. 7-8 at Smoky Hollow Hunting Camp hosted by Michael and Helen Roznowski. Activities includes target shooting, outdoor and indoor games, prizes, food and photographs.

Sally (Roznowski) Wong’s birthday is the day after her mother’s so it was a big celebration attended by all of Willieoma’s children who include four sons and three daughters residing in three states as well as three different cities in Michigan.

Robert, Vicki, Joshua and Kiely Roznowski came to the Sleepy Hollow camp for one day. One of Willieoma’s many grandchildren, Jaydon Sherwood, also attended.

There was plenty of laughter, singing, riding four-wheelers, deer and bird sightings, prayers, hugs, cooking and resting.

“The beauty and fun times had and enjoyed by the Roznowski family is an example of everything right here in and around Alpena, Michigan lakes, hills, valleys, hollows, vegetation, animals, and most of all, talented and friendly folks,” Willieoma said looking back at her extended birthday celebration.