Library Read-a-thon raising funds for fight against cancer

Grab a favorite book and get reading.

Alpena County Library is hosting a Read-a-thon beginning at 8 a.m. Saturday and continuing through 8 a.m. Sunday. Along with giving the community a chance to set aside some time to read, the library has planned this second annual event as a way to help in the fight cancer.

Readers are asked to sign-up to read on site for a two-hour block. They also are asked to donate a minimum of $1 for every hour that they read and to ask sponsors to pledge support as well. All proceeds raised will be donated to the local Relay for Life.

“Last year went very well,” said Alpena County Library Assistant Director Jeanne Ludlow. “There weren’t many readers but the support financially was wonderful. This year we’re looking for more people to participate.”

Already the library has people signed up to read in all of the available two-hour time slots, including the more challenging middle of the night time period.

“Midnight to 4 a.m. is covered,” she said. “The people who did it last year and enjoyed the experience were willing to give up their sleep again this year. We have people signed up for every two-hour block. We would just welcome more.”

The thinnest time in terms of volunteers participating currently is from 4-8 a.m. on Sunday. Anyone interested in taking part in the Read-a-thon is asked to contact the library’s circulation desk at 356-6188, ext. 10.

“The library will stay open for 24 hours to help our readers stay on track, but you certainly don’t have to read for all 24 hours,” said fellow staff member Christine Wedge. “You can read a smaller portion or even just for two hours. The objective is to build a reading community and support the fight to finish cancer.”

Those who don’t have time before hand to reserve a time slot can also feel free to drop by the library to read at any point during the 24-hour period.

Ludlow said that participants will read silently and can choose a book from the colleciton if they don’t have a book when they come in. As for what she plans to read herself during the event, Ludlow currently is revisiting a childhood favorite, the “Ann of Green Gables” series.

“I am on book four in the series of eight and am enjoying it immensely,” she said. “Every four or five years like to revisit some of my childhood favorites.”

Ludlow also said last year’s event raised more than $800 for Relay for Life.