Families of 4-H forgotten when board set prices

I had to laugh out loud when I read the front page article of Tuesday’s paper. The Alpena County Fair Board are trying to justify the new price structure yet failed to mention all of the other changes. I understand the need to charge the General Public but charging the 4H kids to get into the grandstands is unforgivable. They also failed to mention that they are now charging the parents of the 4H child gate fees. These children spend all week working hard, they spent several days painting fairground fences. When I questioned a Board Member he told me they (the board) had given the kids two passes. Total lie – WATZ gave the kids concert tickets and the 4H society paid for the second pass to Grandstand.

The rule they are imposing on the children are ridiculous also. The Barrel Racers are not allowed to practice with barrels. They were told to imagine the barrel there. Really who told the horses that? Young children have to carry heavy saddles and hay from track area all the way to horse barn, their parents can’t even pull up to barn for them to unload. Elderly gentlemen are required to push wheel barrels of horse manure from draft barn to outer fence. While the Board tries to make money and impose rules I pray someone remembers the children this is suppose to be for.

Audette D. Miller