Downtown Alpena is a warm, friendly port

I was a little disturbed reading Lynn Powell-Kieliszewski’s, tirade about Alpena not being a warm and friendly port. It is unfortunate what is happening with the school system to be sure. Regrettably, this is a problem not limited to Alpena, but a result of the State’s poor support of education funding in general.

As to the attitudes and environment of shopping in downtown Alpena; I cannot disagree more strongly. I am excited to see how the downtown businesses have grown over the years with one or two new shops opening almost yearly. It is also a pleasure to window shop downtown with the efforts that have been made to create a pleasant streetscape with the addition of flowers, bike stands and tables. I am a frequent shopper of the downtown stores (I also like to shop online and I do venture over to the Alpena Mall) and it is rare to not be greeted with a friendly hello and inquiry as to whether I need help. When my 90-year-old mother visits, she always wants a day of shopping and dining in downtown Alpena; where the shops are small and unique, and the store owners and employees are not only friendly, but recognize her as well. These business take note of their customers and it is not unusual for a number of them ask me how my mom is doing throughout the year. I find, and I believe most people find, that shopping in downtown Alpena is a warm and friendly experience, unmatched by the impersonal cookie-cutter malls downstate, big box stores and online shopping.

Susan P. Edwards