Hotels will help Alpena economy continue to grow

For the second time in two weeks it was announced a new hotel will be coming to Alpena. Last week it was announced Holiday Inn Express will be building downtown, this week Fairfield Inn & Suites Marriott announced it will be building on US-23 North.

Both hotels will be welcome additions to Alpena. The Holiday Inn Express will have 80 rooms and the Fairfield Inn will have 78, which will up the total room count in town to 523. It should be pointed out that these rooms are an addition to what we already have in town, and all the current motels in town are important to our local economy as well.

Alpena has seen added events that have drawn visitors to town, among them last year’s HOG Rally and this year’s international ROV competition – and there are more to come. Fortunately the town has been able to accommodate them as some people have been willing to find accommodations in surrounding communities, as well as use local campsites. That isn’t always the case, and some groups will have people who either can’t or won’t travel or camp.

The added rooms will help improve Alpena’s ability to draw large gatherings and conventions to our community. Those rooms also could help in further economic development as companies look at assets a community has, and a prosperous hospitality industry is one aspect of a vibrant community.

The new hotels are another sign of a rebounding local economy. We look forward to more positive economic news in the weeks and months to come.