Dog is being treated properly, not in danger

I would like to respond to the letters about the Dog on Werth Rd they call “Red.” I serve on the HHS board and received many personal messages about the welfare of this dog. I decided to go out and check on him a couple of weeks ago. The owner invited me onto the property where I found him under a big shade tree with plenty of water. He was delighted to see his owner and gave her kisses. Upon petting him I didn’t notice any ticks and he appeared a healthy weight. While we appreciate the concern of the public in looking out for our furry friends we also have to keep in mind that not everyone has their dog as a house pet. This dog happens to be a work dog and if he were not tied up would run and probably get hit by a car. The law allows animal control to remove an animal if it is abused or neglected. This is not the case with this dog.

Rhonda Robbins