Men’s Softball

Miller/Eagles finished off Chauncey’s 3-1 in a best-of-5 men’s softball series with a recent 20-15 win.

The win advances the Eagles to the finals against Evo. The series began on Wednesday.

Miller jumped all over Chauncey’s in the first inning, taking a 15-3 lead after one inning and staying ahead the rest of the way. Miller finished with 22 hits to Chauncey’s 19.

Tim Alexander had a home run among three hits for Miller and Jay Barbeau, Matt Suszek, Jeremy Stepaniak and Brian Penn each added three hits. Jason Smolinski had a home run among two hits and Mike Sheldon added two hits.

Frank Edgar led Chauncey’s with four hits and Jamie Weiland and Sheldon Kasky each had two home runs and three hits. Myron Tracey and Adam Basel each had a home run among two hits, Jordan VanPamel had a home run and Neil Kline had two hits.

Chauncey’s narrowed the Eagles series lead to 2-1 when it won a tight matchup 4-3 in Game 3.

Chauncey’s took a 2-0 lead out of the first inning and into the fourth inning when Miller Lite narrowed it to 2-1. Chauncey’s pulled ahead 4-2 after five, while the Eagles narrowed it to 4-3 in the sixth. Chauncey’s held on for the win.

Jamie Wechino and Adam Basel led Chauncey’s with two hits and a home run. Devon Shumaker scattered two.

Tim Alexander and Matt Suszek led Miller Lite with two hits.