Not impressed with attitude of Harley riders

Real motorcyclists, or “bikers” are known for their courtesy towards other motorcyclists, such as greeting each other and giving a helping hand when seeing a biker stranded on the road.

Last week my wife had a flat tire on US-23 in the Black River area. It was a nice day so a lot of bikers were on the road, and they all just drove right past my wife. What did these bikers have in common? They all road Harleys. It seems to be a common trend that Harley riders look down on all other bikers. So if you ride a Suzuki, or Honda, or any other brand of motorcycle for that matter, you will not be greeted, and you will not be helped by the big, cool guys in their black leather, dark shades, sitting on their expensive shiny Harleys. Does owning a Harley make you better, or cooler? Even though it is a inferior machine in every way? If this is the kind of attitude that riding a Harley creates, boy am I glad I’m not part of that club. I ride a Suzuki, and I am proud of it.

David Holthaus