Abuse of taxpayers is unacceptable

Perhaps the best friends Americans have in government are the inspectors general who act as watchdogs to root out waste and sometimes, crime by politicians and bureaucrats. There can be no reasonable doubt that without them, mismanagement and crime in government would be even more rampant than is the case.

Inspectors general from dozens of federal agencies now say President Barack Obama’s administration is trying to keep them from doing their jobs.

During a presidency saturated with questionable and often outrageous behavior, this may well be the most unsettling. In effect it amounts to Obama and his cronies trying to give a green light to abuse of taxpayers.

The inspectors general have appealed to Congress in a letter outlining some of the obstructionism they face. Among the abuses:

* The Peace Corps withheld some records sought in an investigation of volunteers who were sexually assaulted.

* The Justice Department attempted to withhold documents sought in three separate cases.

* The Chemical Safety and Hazard Investigation Board resisted turning over some records sought by an inspector general.

Obama’s administration has been called one of the most secretive in history, routinely blocking public and press requests for information. Now, it blocks even the government’s own inspectors general.

This is unacceptable. Congress should stop it.