Men’s Softball

Miller Lite/Eagles defeated Chauncey’s in two recent men’s softball games.

Miller won the first game 18-3 and outhit Chauncey’s 22-6. Miller scored at least two runs in every inning and blanked Chauncey’s in four innings including the last three in a row.

Mike Sheldon led Miller with two home runs among his four hits. Jay Barbeau, Chris Corwin, Craig Stepaniak, Kyle Hanson, Jeremy Stepaniak, Laine Falk and Jason Smolinski each had two hits.

Kevin Tracey led Chauncey’s at the plate.

In the second game, Miller won 14-6 and finished with 19 hits to Chauncey’s 12. Miller trailed 4-3 after five innings, but sealed the deal by outscoring Chauncey’s 11-2 in the final two innings.

Tim Alexander led Miller with four hits and Chris Corwin, Jay Barbeau and Jeremy Stepaniak each added three hits. Craig Stepaniak had two hits and Mike Sheldon added a home run.

Adam Basel and Mason VanPamel led Chauncey’s with three hits each, Kevin Tracey added two hits and Shane Allen had a home run.