Women’s Softball

Budlight clinched the 2014 women’s softball title with two recent wins in round robin play.

Budlight clinched the title with a 10-6 win over 19th Hole. Christin Sobeck had three hits including a home run for Budlight. Krystal Marotta, Mary Schimmel, Lynn Talaska and Dezi Robertson each had two hits and Mary Ellen Wozniak added one hit.

Kelli Stevens, Alyssia Smith, Jennifer Ciarkowski, Alexis Smith and Sierra Sauls each had two hits for 19th Hole. Jen Lozen and Anna Himik added one hit each.

Prior to that, Budlight defeated Raz ber itas 14-3. Krystal Marotta had two hits including a home run for Bud Light and Brook Spomer, Megan Plowman, Kara Gehrke and Brittany Schrader each added two hits.

Randi Lee led Raz ber itas with three hits, Angel Howard had two hits and Tiffany Tews, Sarah Nunez, Tracy Zweig, Jennifer Sherwood and Angie Carstens each had one hit.