Police beware of the seat-belt bandits

It is morning: our brave men and women of law enforcement don their crisp uniforms, their bullet proof vests, check their automatic assault rifles and 12 gauge shotguns, verify their semi-automatic hand guns are ready and have plenty of ammunition. They double-check that the Mace and Tasers are in good working order, and that the clubs and handcuff are in their proper places. Then these officers, America’s finest, who have sworn to protect and serve, to uphold the Constitution of the great United States of America, and who are prepared to give their very lives in the performance of their duties, meet and prepare for the upcoming mission. All their training and practice will be put to the test. They are after persons who pose such a great threat to society that murders, rapists, thieves and muggers seem nothing by comparison. They are in pursuit of those who care nothing for themselves. Yes the extremely dangerous Seat-Belt Bandits, who thumb their noses at the very law that is intended to keep them safe. How dare they? Oh, the inhumanity

Thomas VanDuinen