Women’s Softball

Budlight defeated twice Page/Saddler in a recent women’s softball doubleheader.

Budlight won the first game 9-6. Krystal Marotta, Cassandra Shaw and Kara Gehrke each had two hits and Christin Sobeck added a home run for Budlight.

Jessica Crane led Page/Saddler with three hits and Angie Page and Julia Moran each added two.

Budlight also won in the second game, 8-6. Krystal Marotta and Brook Spomer each had three hits for Budlight and Christin Sobeck, Mary Schimmel, Claire Coopes-Meske, Kara Gehrke and Tiffany Wolosyzk each had two hits.

Bridette Fairbanks and Malorie Baker each had two hits for Page/Saddler and Jessica Tebo, Amy Page, Angie Page, Angela Krojniak, Jessica Hammond, Emily Page, Julia Moran and Jessica Crane all had one hit.