Men’s Softball

Miller/Eagles defeated Hit & Miss in a best 2-of-3 playoff series in recent men’s softball action to advance to the semifinals.

Miller won the first game 17-3 and outhit its opponent 21-10. Kyle Hanson, Jay Barbeau and Twink Smolinski each had three hits for Miller. Tim Alexander had two hits, including a home run and Jeremy Stepaniak and Terry Curtis each had two hits. Mike Sheldon added a home run.

Josh Wood and Kyle Clearwood each had two hits for Hit & Miss.

In the second game, Miller won 10-4 and finished with 19 hits. Mike Sheldon had two home runs and Jay Barbeau finished with three hits. Tim Alexander had a home run among two hits and Craig Stepaniak, Jeremy Stepaniak, Brian Penn and Carney Knechtel each had two hits.

Tim Hepburn led Hit & Miss with three hits and Kyle Clearwood, Josh Wood and Ben Boyd each had two hits.