Women’s Softball

Budlight defeated Matt’s Gun in a recent women’s softball doubleheader.

Budlight won the first game 20-1. Claire Coopes-Meske, Julie DePrekel, Kara Gehrke and Megan Plowman each had three hits for the victors.

Staci Elswick, Carrie Tolan, Danielle Cloft, Miranda Kaplan, Sabryna Urban and Crystal Donakowski each had one hit for Matt’s.

In the second game, Budlight won 14-5. Cassandra Shaw had four hits and Megan Plowman added three hits for Budlight. Julie DePrekel had a home run among two hits, Desi Robertson and Mary Schimmel had two hits and Kara Gehrke had two doubles.

Danielle Cloft and Patti Nadeau each had three hits for Matt’s. Staci Elswick and Carrie Tolan added two hits each and Heather Montie had a home run.