President does have authority to take actions

The recent editorial in the Alpena News takes President Obama to task for supposedly “acting on his own” with regard to Environmental Protection Agency regulations for clear air, recess appointments at the NLRB, trading prisoners of war, delaying enactment of certain parts of the Affordable Care Act, and immigration reform. The claim is that these actions somehow violate the constitution or its system for separation of powers.

Absolute balderdash.

The President, as chief executive, within the separation of powers doctrine has the explicit constitutional authority to administer, execute and enforce our laws. (Congress and the Supreme Court are the other two other power centers).

The EPA is expressly authorized to protect us from the coal polluters (about time). When the NLRB was threatened with being shut down because the Senate would not confirm any Obama appointments, Obama used his constitutional authority to make recess appointments. (The Supremes simply held that Congress was not in recess.)

The commander in chief (that being President Obama), has the inherent authority to exchange prisoners. Administration of law includes the right to delay implementation of some provisions of new laws or issue new guidelines for enforcement of existing laws Wait. Aren’t these the same dysfunctional no nuts who want the whole ACA repealed and refuse to honor their promises to deal with immigration reform?

You can disagree with the way in which a president exercises his authority (like invading a country that has done us no harm or destroying the economy and causing a deep recession) – but calling it “acting on his own” is plain silly or stupid (probably both).

Leonard Page