We need city to enforce cleaning up the junk

Mr Mayor and council people,

Why is there not anything being done about all of the eye sores around town? I’m speaking of cars parked on sidewalks, old couches in plain sight, junk of all sorts in plain sight – Nothing is ever done about it.

If you make city ordinances, then why do yo unot enforce them? Also, the landlords who own rental units make no attempts at all to clean up their property nor do they tell their tenants to clean up their messes.

I believe that if you put more attention and cave into the locals who voted you people into office and not always tyring to impress the the tourists, well then everybody wins: you stay in office and the locals are content.

It’s annoying and not to mention illegal to have all of the junk laying around in people’s yards and cars everywhere you look parked on sidewalks.

I’ve spoken to Mr. Gilmet and Mr. Kieliszewski, and they both told me that their “hands are tied.” that is untrue and absurd.

They say Alpena is a “Warm and Friendly Port.” Well how about making Alpena a “Clean, Warm and Friendly Port?”

Do you not want Alpena to be cleaner? Issuing citations would probably be a huge help to remedy this problem.

We have ordinances, so why not enforce them? It’s really that simple.

Richard Zawacki