Vote Democratic to save the American worker

On Dec. 11, 2012, during a Lame Duck Session of the GOP controlled Michigan Legislature, in the dark of the night, behind locked doors, without a proper Hearing and State Police firing tear gas, keeping Workers out, passed RTW Law. The Governor, who had said, that it was not on his Agenda, signed it into Law, before the Sun came up. The RTW (for nothing) Law has long been an effort by the GOP, to undermine workers rights. Our first Workers were Slaves and Prisoners in jail for debts, all they had was a right to work. Others came too, Shop Keepers, Skilled Craftsmen and Farmers,

they all had to live under the rules of the King of England. The real value of America, was a Creation of the Workers. They rebelled against the King and replaced him with a Worker with the Vote and later fought to end Slavery. We still have to fight to keep the GOP from taking us back to Slavery, where we started from. One way to do this, is in the August Primary, everyone have to Vote Democratic or GOP. All Workers should Vote Democratic, to protect their worth. Anti-workers have the GOP to take us?

Kenneth L. Oke