McKenzie should be proud to be Democrat

In his interview with the Alpena News, Scot McKenzie, a candidate State Representative in the democratic primary, went to great pains to say he would not necessarily vote the party line if sent to Lansing. No legislator is expected to vote the party line all the time. However he fails to say anything in support of the party. The Democratic Party is a party of ideas, ideas that focus on good jobs, good education and a clean environment. Contrary to what McKenzie implies, the ideas of the Democratic Party do represent the interests of northeast Michigan. It’s the current Republican ideas of favoring the wealthy (tax breaks for big business) over the middle class (taxing pensions), gutting public education, taking away Michigan jobs by out-sourcing to save money (hiring Aramark) and taking away the reproductive rights of women that hurt northeastern Michigan. McKenzie never mentions these causes of our problems. He seems to be trying to deny the Democratic Party. Shame on you, Mr. McKenzie. I’m proud to be a Democrat. You should be too.

Marilyn Kettler

Presque Isle