Stand up, take action, vote

The message is simple: Vote.

Tuesday registered voters across Michigan will have the opportunity to participate in democracy. While we would like to think that most would view that opportunity as a privilege, the sad fact is that most won’t. Unfortunately, the majority of those registered voters will ignore the opportunity, forget about it and worse than anything – just not care to participate.

Historically an August primary vote like Tuesday’s usually does not ignite the populace to turn out at the polls in strong numbers.

Of course we could give you many reasons to vote. Across the region a number of contested races occur at the county commissioner level. In the 106th House race, three Democrats will vie for the chance to oppose GOP incumbent Peter Pettalia in November.

Numerous millage requests (see related column) dot the ballot across Northeast Michigan, and voters also will be deciding one statewide proposal dealing with property taxes.

Voters need to remember that nowhere do they have as much of an opportunity to dictate the outcome of an election than at the grassroots level on items such as these.

We all have the responsibility to take part in shaping our future through this democratic process.

Too many have given so much to allow us that privilege.

This Tuesday, don’t let someone else do all the work to shape your future. Vote, and let your opinion be counted.