Dems show us why they shouldn’t be elected

Consider this dear reader: The Democrat administration of our government has given us the Benghazi failure to provide protection of our embassy personnel, which resulted in the deaths of four Americans including the Ambassador to Libya, and the subsequent cover up of this incident; the Democrat administration provided thousands of arms to Mexican drug cartels resulting in the murder of an American border guard and others. The Democrat administration continues to cover up this crime; criminals in the Democrat IRS have persecuted law abiding citizens and the Democrat administration continues to stonewall and cover up the investigation into this crime; The investigation into VA criminal activity continues to be covered up; millions of people have lost health insurance and the insurance of others has been ruined by the Democrat Affordable Care Act; EPA and other bureaucracies continue to act as police, judge, jury, prosecutors of law abiding citizens with the power to garnish wages at the whim of these agencies; we are plagued with the Democrat immigration disaster bringing tens of thousands of illegal and often diseased immigrant children and criminals into the US; Democrat Obama released five of the most dangerous terrorists from Guantanamo; the Democrat failure to act on the Assyrian criminal resulted in the invasion of Iraq ruining whatever gains we made there; Crimea has been taken by Putin and he threatens eastern Ukraine while Democrat Obama failed to provide arms and other aid to the beleaguered ally. And what do the Democrat Senate and the Democrat President do about this? They pull out all the stops to enact legislation requiring businesses to supply four specific contraceptives free to their feminist constituency, when dozens are already available free. Is anyone out there still going to vote Democrat in the 2014 and 2016 elections?

Earl W. Elowsky