Board urges county treasurer to resign position

ATLANTA -The Montmorency County Board of Commissioners passed a motion to urge county Treasurer Karen Weiland-Tyler to resign from her position. Chair Gene Thornton said he received a memo from the treasurer informing him that she would do a portion of the F-65 report, but not all of the report, which was cause for concern according to Thornton.

The F-65 is an annual fiscal report filled out after an audit has been performed on a local unit. It must be filed every year, and reports all the financial activity of the governmental unit except agency funds, trust funds, internal service funds and the depreciation in proprietary funds.

“I will file the F-65 report, although it’s the duty, according to the law … that the chief financial officer of the county file, and she is the chief financial officer of the county,” Thornton said. “It was filed last year by the auditor, and it was not complete.”

Last year’s F-65 was incomplete because it didn’t have retirement and health care information in it, which was an oversight by the auditor. It was in the numbers, but not in the report, according to Thornton.

“If we don’t file it in a timely manner, we will lose revenue sharing, a couple hundred thousand dollars, and we could also lose some other state funding if it’s not properly filed,” Thornton said.

Thornton said there also have been issues with the transferring of funds in past circumstances, citing the child care fund and the law library as examples of missed transfers that led to shortcomings in the line items.

“In the child care fund we had a deficit of $3,137, we had asked in September for the $83,000 to be transferred into the child care fund, and it was not transferred until April,” Thornton said. “This is the failing, in my opinion, of the treasurer.”

The motion urging the treasurer to resign passed with a 4-1 vote, with Commissioner Daryl Peterson voting against. Peterson said his “no” vote was based on the fact the treasurer is an elected official, and therefore she cannot be forced to resign.

Commissioners also approved the appointment of members to a surveyor board for the county. The board has been in operation already, but the members had not been officially appointed by the county. The reason the commissioners had to appoint members was based on a new state law that requires the surveyors to be officially appointed to do remonumentation work. The appointment was retroactive to June.

“The surveyors go through the county and mark original corners,” Thornton said. “They will put official markers down and keep track of where the lines lie.”

In order for grants to be received for this work, commissioners had to approve members in a motion for appointment, otherwise the county could lose out on the grant money available for surveying. Marvin Meyers, Joseph Curtis and Norman Caldwell were appointed, with Matthew Dontz as an alternate to perform the survey work.

In other business:

* a new scanner /copier was approved to be purchased for the board office for under $100.

* the State Tax Commission will be reviewing properties in Montmorency County this week. Residents are advised that if they see an unknown person on their property, the field workers will have a state identification and are working on the required audit.

* the county will be having a garage sale at the Montmorency County Sheriff Department Friday, from 9 a.m. until 12 p.m., with furniture and other items available that the county no longer has a use for. Anyone interested is encouraged to attend and browse through items.

* the next board meeting will be Aug. 13 at 9 a.m.

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