Men’s Softball

Sportspage and the Miller/Eagles split a double header in recent men’s softball action.

Sportspage won the first game 14-11. Sportspage trailed 10-5 after four innings, but held Miller to one run the rest of the game while rallying for nine runs for the win.

Sportspage had 22 hits in the game, four of which came from Jim Vivian. Tim Cadarette and Brandon Jaskolski had three hits each while Joe Kruse, Andy Lamp, Matt Matuzak and Brad Styma each scattered two. Ashley Hamp had two hits, including a homer.

The Miller/Eagles had 11 hits, three of which came off the bat of Laine Falk. Craig Knechtel, Jay Barbeau and Carney Knechtel scattered two while Chris Corwin hit two and a homer.

The Miller/Eagles got revenge in the second game by winning 9-1. Miller took a 3-1 lead in the first inning and never looked back as it out hit Sportspage 17-12.

The Eagles were led by Kyle Hansen with two hits, including a homer. Craig Knechtel, Brian Penn, Jeremy Stepaniak, Matt Perry and Carney Knechtel each scattered two.

Sportspage was led offensively by Hamp with four hits while Cadarette and Jaskolski hit two.