Men’s Softball

The Miller Eagles split a doubleheader against Bud Light in recent men’s softball action.

The Eagles won 16-11 in a first game that saw 21 hits from both teams. Miller took an 8-2 lead after two innings, but led by only 9-7 after three innings. Miller fell behind 12-11 after four innings, but held Bud Light scoreless for three innings to take the 16-11 win.

The Eagles were led by Tim Alexander with four hits, three of which were homers and Mike Sheldon with four hits and two home runs. Dave Prevo had four hits while Craig Knetchtel and Matt Suszek scattered two each.

Jim Deller led Bud Light with four hits while Nate Gleason hit three home runs. Terry Souva had three hits, including two homers while Shawn Riopelle had three hits. Greg Walker, Brad Somers and Jarrad Sucharski had two hits, with Suchariski hitting one out of the park.

Bud Light won the second game 14-5 by out hitting the Eagles 20-10. Bud Light was led offensively by Sucharski with four hits, including two home runs and Chad Williams with four hits and one homer. Riopelle picked up three hits while Deller, Walker and Souva had two hits each.

Miller was led by Jay Barbeau and Carney Knechtel, who each scattered two hits.