Letter blasting Pettalia slanted to big gov’t

Many of the statements in Rev. Peterson’s letter are slanted to his Big Government/Secular View of what he would have the readers believe. Our form of government has its roots in the Judeo Christian values of the Bible. The founding fathers wanted to keep the government out of the churches not the churches out of the Government. People like Peterson with his secular viewpoint have over the years removed God and the Bible from our schools along with the moral /Biblical teachings. Peterson professes to be a Rev. But with no active church following, still wants to be called Rev. of what I would ask? Must be the church of Big Government ideas, Abortion, Legalized Marijuana, Common Core and Same Sex Marriage.

I have been a member of Family Heritage Baptist Church for many years. I became a member because of the example that Pastor Ernest Ruemenapp provides from the pulpit and in his personal life. In all the years of sermons, that I have heard him delivered, he has never referred to the Public school system or mentioned this “Exodus Mandate Project” as “The Pharaoh’s school system”.

Home schooling is a hard choice that is still allowed by the Government, it takes a great deal of time by the parents to get involved in the Lives of their children to teach them Moral Values as well as the 4 R’s, I would applaud these people not criticize them. Although Peterson would promote/impose Common Core on the home school community. Forcing Big Government ideas on Religious choice.

I would Pray, that people like Peter Pettalia and Pastor Ruemenapp help keep Christian values alive in our Government and protect our Churches from Big Government.

Lawrence Brozowski