Chained little dog needs to go to a loving home

Please help me to save a little dog who has been chained in a field for three years. Today, pouring rain, last night same with much lightning and thunder. A very small basic dog house to get in to. All of this has been his life for three years.

No one ever goes out to talk to him, take him off the 10 foot chain. He can only go from dog house to grass and dirt. In the years I’ve been observing him, he never barks. I can see him every day and some days I talk to him from across the street.

I offered the owner a large sum of money to buy the dog. He laughed, and asked me for double that amount.

I wold take the dog home with where it could be inside, watch TV, could be by the fireplace, go for walks, be loved, interact with people and other neighboring dogs when he wants. Never chained.

Carol Lee Jaynes