Questions, Anyone?

Absentee ballots

Q. Several readers have questions about absentee ballots for the Aug. 5 primary election. County Clerk Bonnie Friedrichs has the following answers.

Q. Do I have to show ID for an absentee ballot?

A. Yes

Q. Can I get an absentee ballot without going to the township or city offices? How?

A. Yes, by completing an application (City of Alpena prints one in The Alpena News) or writing a letter of request to your township or city clerk. Be sure to include your name; birth date; address where registered; address where to send; reason for request. Be sure to sign your request.

Q. I understand I have to vote either all Democrat or all Republican. Can I vote as an Independent?

A. No. This is a primary election with only Republican and Democrat candidates on the ballot.

Q. I don’t want to vote for candidates in just one party (a “straight ticket”), so I’m going to skip that part of the ballot. Can I still vote on the five local ballot issues? How? ?

A. Yes, by marking the proposal issues, and leaving the candidates blank. The accuvote machine will reject the ballot and let you know that you didn’t vote for candidates. Just ask the election worker to override the machine.

Camp An-A-Me-Chee

Q. Reader Ruth Burgess has a postcard that her 15-year-old father had received in 1942 when he was at a camp. It was addressed to him at “Camp An-A-Me-Chee, Ossineke, Mich., c/o R.S. Patterson.” She is trying to find information about the camp and its location.

A. After calls to many people, there is still no answer to this question. Nobody seems to have ever heard of the camp. If any readers have a clue, please call Burgess at 590-8661. Anamakee (perhaps just a different spelling?) is a name many Alpena High School graduates might recognize as the name of the AHS yearbook. Reader Frank McCourt points out that in historian Robert Haltiner’s book of Indian stories, it states, “Alpena County once was known as Animickee (or Anamakee).” According to an MSU historical inventory website, Anamakee (meaning “Thunder”) was a Chippewa Indian chief. He was one of the signers of an early 1800s treaty which ceded Indian territories to the U.S. government.

More on Beach Boys

Q. The Beach Boys were a topic in the July 5 Q&A column. Here is more information.

A. The Rock&Roll Hall of Fame website states, “The Beach Boys’ vocal harmonies are among the most unmistakable and enduring of the rock and roll era. Among rock and roll groups of the Sixties, the California quintet place second only to the Beatles in terms of their overall impact on the Top 40. They were the Fab Four’s most serious competitors on a creative level, too. Paul McCartney has allowed that the Beatles’ masterpiece, Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band, was their attempt to address the challenge posed by the Beach Boys’ magnum opus, Pet Sounds – which itself was inspired by the British foursome’s Rubber Soul.”

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