The true spirit of Girl Scouts




All those adjectives were used this week in describing the experience of local Girl Scouts who found themselves suddenly in the center of a mystery that they had to solve. While out on an outing Tuesday morning in Presque Isle the girls came across a small wooden boat beached on the shore. Naturally curious, what the girls would discover was an invitation to participate in an adventure like nothing they ever had been involved with before.

Their mission was to see that the boat, carrying the ashes of Maire Kent, a 24-year-old who died from a rare cancer of the heart, would make its way back out into Lake Huron, on its way to the Atlantic Ocean and hopefully, one day New York City Harbor.

The Scouts, ever resourceful, called upon folks at the Thunder Bay National Marine Sanctuary, and ultimately Friends Together, to determine the best way to accomplish that goal. All the while their efforts were being filmed by a movie crew who plan on making the boat’s journey into a documentary for release sometime next year.

As if the task wasn’t already emotional, the Scouts also were amazed when they learned two Alpena residents – Gillian “Gilly” Gibbons and Dawn Burns – were also part of the Maire’s journey. Both Gilly and Dawn also died of cancer, and they were selected to be remembered on this boat along with several others. Their names and photos were on the boat’s deck.

It was an amazing day, and an amazing experience, for this group of young ladies.

Godspeed Maire on your way to New York City.