Any time is right time for ice cream

With summer just kicking into full gear, is it proper to even mention anything about winter right now?

Oh well, we’ve already started, so let’s join forces with the folks at Pure Michigan and Hudsonville Ice Cream to share with readers that three new flavors are being considered for the official Michigan winter flavor. From now through July 20 people can vote on their favorite flavor by going Hudsonville’s website and clicking on the Pure Michigan link there.

The three flavors are:

* Cabin Fever – Blueberry coated granola clusters and chopped Michigan cherries in Original Vanilla ice cream.

* Lake Superior Thaw – Hot chocolate ice cream with a cool mint chocolate candy.

* Winter Campfire – Original Vanilla ice cream with a marshmallow swirl, graham cracker pieces and milk chocolate flakes.

We wish voters luck in trying to select a favorite as all sound pretty good to us.

We suppose there could have been a hundred other topics of more relevance to comment on in this space this morning, but sometimes we all need just to sit back and “chill” and leave behind the hustle and bustle, the trials and tribulations all around us.

What better way to do so this morning than thinking about ice cream, and the flavor that would taste best this winter?

Out vote is for Cabin Fever. What’s yours?