The beauty of Alpena showed itself brightly

If Alpena, Mich., wasn’t on the map as a destination it is now. This past weekend Alpena hosted the 13th Annual International ROV Competition. Hundreds of volunteers came together for months preceding this event. Their them this year was shipwrecks and preferably fresh water, Alpena has an abundance of both as one would expect. Alpena people came together for a number of reasons; to make this event a success, and to showcase our beautiful city were two of reasons. Language was occasionally a slight barrier but our hospitality more than made up for that. I personally had the pleasure of helping in a small way along with many others transporting teams from the airport, meet and greet people from all over the world, and the United States.

Johnny Benson and staff from JJ’s served over 1,500 meals on Friday, and Eric Peterson and staff from the Fresh Palate served over 800 people a beautifully prepared dinner on Saturday night.

We could have used a few more motel rooms, but people explored all means to secure lodging. Alpena is that well-kept secret, but now hundreds of people know where we are and what makes this a great place to visit and call home.

Ron Lemke