Event encourages creation of art with classes, Art Battle and interactive artist/musician

HARRISVILLE A large tent erected at the Harrisville Harbor will serve July 14 as the setting for a place to come and make art.

Local photographer Venita Larson came up with the concept for an event called Live Art at the Harbor as a way to encourage others to spend a fun day being creative.

Geared toward both the young and young at heart, the family-oriented event features four different art classes beginning at 10 a.m.

“There are so many art related events in this area where people can go and enjoy looking at art,” Larson said. “My goal is to have a day where people can come and create their own art.”

Inspiration Alcona and the Sunrise Side Artists of Michigan are serving as sponsors of Live Art at the Harbor.

“We have a large tent that’s 80 by 90-feet normally set up at the harbor from July 12-19, and have the Sunrise Wine and Food Festival there on July 19. This coming Monday was a day with nothing going on there, so I volunteered to see if I could get something going,” Larson said.

The classes she’s lined up, which are $5 each, include:

  • Tie-dying (10 a.m.-noon) Tie-dye t-shirts as well as handbags made from recycled t-shirts.
  • Print making (10 a.m.-noon) Make nature prints on canvas using leaves, flowers and pine cones dipped in paint.
  • Alcohol ink painting (noon-2 p.m.) Paint on canvas with alcohol ink. An age limit applies to this class only.
  • Oil rouging (noon-2 p.m.) Participants will paint on canvases with designs already drawn on by a local artist.

Larson also is excited about an “Art Battle” planned for 2-5 p.m. where artists bring their own blank canvas and paints, and then spend the next three hours painting.

Three jurors from the Dragonfly Art Gallery in Harrisville will serve as judges to determine who made the best use of their three-hour block of time.

“They’ll have a chance to paint something, starting exactly at 2 p.m. and quitting exactly at 5 p.m.,” Larson said.

Also lined up is Love Street Live, an interactive performance artist who has people paint on a 10-foot long canvas while she’s singing and talking with them. This aspect of the event begins at 1 p.m.

Larson hopes Live Art at the Harbor takes off and becomes an annual summer offering in Harrisville.

“I am so excited about this event,” Larson said. “I really hope it takes off, and if it does well, we will do it again next year. I am really fired up about it.”