Women’s Softball

Budlight/Sportspage defeated Where My Pitches At in recent women’s softball action.

Budligh/Sportspage won the first game 12-0. Mary Schimmel led Sportspage with three hits and Krystal Marotta, Christin Sobeck, Cassandra Shaw, Laura Lewis and Kara Gehrke each had two hits.

Leah Ventimiglia, Erin Willis and Katie Barrett each had a hit for Where My Pitches At.

Budlight/Sportspage won the second game 13-2. Christin Sobeck led Sportspage with four hits. Cassandra Shaw had a home run among three hits and Krystal Marotta added three hits. Kara Gehrke and Claire Coopes-Meske each had two hits.

Catie Fitzpatrick, Alysha Rogers and Ashley Showalter each had two hits for Where My Pitches At. Jackie Spencer and Katie Barrett added one hit each.