Have a safe, happy, fun-filled Fourth holiday

It’s arrived – Northeast Michigan’s unofficial homecoming.

Every year the Fourth of July seems like the highlight of summer as it draws family members back home to the region and welcomes visitors looking to experience some of the joys of living Up North.

A wealth of opportunities exist throughout the region starting today, and running all weekend long. From sand sculpture building to campfire tales, fireworks to water tubing, it offers everyone something to keep them busy from dawn to dusk.

We would be remiss not to urge readers to use common sense this holiday. The Fourth of July always brings with it some unique safety concerns – water safety, campfire use, fireworks handling and outdoor food preparation and storage. We aren’t going to list all the precautions and procedures for each but suffice to say, be smart and be safe.

And, while the message to “not drink and drive” is one that has resonated pretty much across the country today, Americans still tend to view it with automobile use only, and not things like boats, jet skis or off-road vehicles. Regardless of what you drive that requires turning on the ignition, don’t do so after having consumed alcohol this weekend.

So, whether you sing along with the band in the parade or just enjoy a relaxing day at the cottage visiting with a relative you haven’t seen in a year, have fun.

Summer has officially arrived in Northeast Michigan. Enjoy it to its fullest.