Farmers market to open in Hillman

Beginning Saturday, a farmers market opens in Hillman at the southeast corner of State Street and Veteran’s Memorial Highway. The farmers market will be on Tuesdays and Saturdays from 8 a.m. to 1 p.m. There is no charge for vendors offering local produce, flowers, baked goods, berries, jams, meats, eggs, crafts, health foods and supplements.

The property has been vacant for some time and according to owner Jack Matthias, “is in an ideal location.”

“All traffic coming to Hillman from the south and east or wanting to cross the Thunder Bay River for a number of miles upstream or downstream must pass this location,” Matthias said. “Historically a vendor has offered a mixture of local products and produce from Bay City or Eastern Market in Detroit. That has offered a longer season and greater variety, but with the increased use of greenhouses locally, we want to encourage more access to local production.”

Matthias said he and his wife, Jan, believe that we eat questionable genetically modified ingredients and much of our food is over processed, and that these lead to serious health problems.

“We consume far too much sugar in general and GMO sugar from sugar beets and toxic artificial sweeteners,” he said. “We won’t have hard and fast rules but we want to encourage local organic, non GMO foods, free range raised meats and eggs and jams and jellies made with sweeteners like Stevia or cane sugars.”

Matthias said he expect the farmers market to take some time to get established, and he hopes there will be support from both the public and vendors.

“We hope it will develop into a worthwhile community service,” he said.

Vendors may use the site on other days or times.

For additional information vendors may call Matthias at 657-6996 or email him at