Women’s Softball

Sportspage/Budlight defeated Raz ber itas in two game’s in recent women’s softball action.

Sportspage won the first game 19-2. Christin Sobeck had four hits including a home run and Cassandra Shaw and Mary Schimmel added four hits each. Mary Ellen Wozniak and Laura Lewis had two hits each.

Corisa Ahee led Raz ber itas with three hits and Kayle Greis and Sarah Nunez each had two hits.

Sportspage won the second game 20-3. Laura Lewis led Sportspage with three hits. Lynn Talaska, Megan Plowman, Amy Traylor, Christin Sobeck (home run) and Mary Ellen Wozniak each had two hits.

Angel Howard led Raz ber itas with two hits and Corisa Ahee, Kayle Greis and Rachel Nevins each had one.