Bob Suszek retires from Neiman’s

We opened our grocery doors for the first time in July of 1983. I cannot recall if Bobby was on the initial hire list but thankfully Bobby’s name ended up on the “Must Hire List!”

Where does one begin to share the enormous and continued ways Bobby has contributed to, enhanced, expanded, improved, and brought greater profits to: the bottom line of Neiman’s Family Market? When you think of a back door receiver it may seem like such an easy job. Open the door and let folks bring stuff in. Open the door and let folks out. But all of us need to be reminded of the level of responsibility and the level of impact the person in this role has on our company. Literally millions of dollars of product have entered the Alpena store over the past 30 years. To have a person you would trust with your life checking folks in and checking folks out is valuable beyond measure. And no member of our team has ever done a better job at the back door than Bobby.

But we can’t stop with the back door. Bobby has put on our shelves as much, if not a lot more, cans and bottles than anyone presently working for us. Assume just 30 cases per hour as a reasonable number of items for a ‘stocker’ to stock on our shelves (and price). And just assume Bobby has only spent 15 of his 30 plus years stocking. A conservative number of times Bobby has put an item on our shelves is a mere 1 million times or more. WOW!

When something is amiss and Bobby is around he sees it and deals with it. When something is not right with products, customers, or other staff, Bobby makes sure it somehow surfaces and it gets corrected.

Bob’s not just a person you can trust with your life, he is a kind and caring soul. A person you would want to be in a foxhole with because you know he won’t cut and run. Hell or high water, he is in it to the end.

Bob Suszek is about to start another stage in his life retirement! But if anyone thinks this means Bob will sit on the river bank fishing or just watching the water go by, they do NOT know Bobby! We will miss Bob Suszek. He has been a quiet, quality force in our company and I doubt he realizes the impact he has had over these many years, on our customers, on our staff, and on me in particular.