Men’s/Women’s Softball

Miller/Eagles defeated San Bar 15-1 in recent men’s softball action.

Miller scored in all but one inning and finished with 19 hits. Craig Knechtel led Miller with four hits and Laine Falk and Carney Knechtel each had three hits. Jay Barbeau, Terry Curtis, Dave Prevo had two hits each.

Chad Hall led Sand Bar with two hits.

Sportspage/Budlight defeated LaFarge in a recent women’s softball doubleheader.

Sportspage won the first game 12-4 and was led by Mary Schimmel with three hits, Krystal Marotta with two hits and Christin Sobeck with a home run.

Tina Wilson, Suzy Langewald, Jenny Adrian, Danielle Kuznicki and Amanda Grochowski each had two hits for LaFarge. One of Langewald’s hits was a home run.

Sportspage won the second game 3-0. Christin Sobeck had two hits. Desi Robertson, Laura Lewis, Mary Schimmel and Krystal Marotta each had one hit.

Quinn Curley and Jenny Adrian each had two hits for LaFarge. Tina Wilson, Danielle Kuznicki and Megan LaFleure each had one hit.