Hats off to the Hurons

Three cheers to the Rogers City softball team – Division 4 State Champions.

Their run at the end of the season was something all of us were rooting for. Once the ladies headed downstate to East Lansing everyone throughout Northeast Michigan banded together to root them on. It no longer was the team from Rogers City, it was the team from Northeast Michigan.

Let us take our readers back in time just a few months ago. Can you remember what the winter was like Up North this year? Can you remember how, for much of April, snow – lots and lots of snow – still covered the ground? Can you remember how cold and miserable the spring weather was? Do you remember how many initial games of the season were impacted by the weather?

We’ve always contended that for a Up North high school team to win any sport championship in the spring, it would be extra hard. The weather always works against us and teams here can’t start using their fields for several weeks after their counterparts downstate.

Yes, teams like the Hurons work hard indoors to practice their skills, but the indoor experience can’t duplicate outside. There is no way inside to duplicate the glare of the sun on a high pop-up, or the weird bounce from a divot on the infield grass.

Thus, we find this championship especially rewarding and especially gratifying.

Congratulations ladies. All of us are proud of what you have accomplished.