APS to spend nearly $42K for roof repairs

ALPENA – The Alpena Public Schools Board of Education approved spending $41,764 on roof maintenance for repairs to Besser School, Alpena High School, ACES Academy, Central Office and Wilson School. Roof inspections were completed by IRT Roofing Services, and warranties for some of the district’s roofs have lapsed.

“These repairs are part of our long-range maintenance plan,” Superintendent Brent Holcomb said. “We have discussed repairs to the roofs, and decided that it’s one of those situations where if you don’t deal with it early on, the problem will get bigger over time.”

Holcomb said the biggest repair projects will be at Wilson and ACES.

“If we had to do the whole roof, it would cost a lot more than to address the issues these roofs currently have and repairing them will also buy more time,” Holcomb said.

Mike Gagnon, APS director of facilities and transportation, said the repairs are mostly on roofs that are out of warranty, and need to be addressed.

“There are a few places where there are holes in the roofs, and the seams are going bad, so we need to repair those,” Gagnon said. “This is basically just some TLC to keep the weather from coming in. We are looking at repairing them before major problems arise. There is a lot of square feet we have to cover, but the repairs need to be made to avoid bigger potential problems.”

The projects will start this summer, and will take several weeks to complete.

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