Local VA clinic offers top notch health care

The Veterans Administration has lately been roundly criticized for the poor health care system afforded veterans. I am a Vietnam veteran and my uncle is a 90-year-old WWII vet and we both receive our health care at the Alpena Veterans Administration Clinic. Both of us received immediate, professional one on one assistance in the application process by Dan Cox, VA Services Officer. We waited just a few weeks before we were seen by our health care teams. My experience is (and I have seen the care provided for my Uncle) that this VA facility has provided us with timely, caring and high quality health care that compares favorably if not better than clinics I have gone to most of my life. My appreciation extends to the staff at the front desk, blood draw staff, physical therapy, nurses, PAs and the fine physicians who staff our clinic. The care given me and my uncle makes me proud of our country and of our local VA clinic.

Mike Stentoumis