ACC cross country team adds Pickford runner for 2014

Alpena Community College cross country has moved north of the bridge to continue to build its program as Alec Firack of Pickford is the latest recruit to sign with the Lumberjacks.

“I give Mike Kollien (ACC’s Director of Admissions) all the credit for this find. Last fall Mike was between appointments in the Upper Pennesula and made a trip over to Pickford High to speak with folks about ACC. He heard a student (Firack) was interested in ACC; he also found out Alec was a runner and got the ball rolling for us. Another great kid who will do ACC and Alpena proud.” ACC coach Mark Jacobs said.

Firack competed in the Upper Pennesula State track meet in the 400 meter, the 4×200 relay, the 4×400 relay, and the 4×800 relay; earning All-State accolades in the three relay events. Besides Track and Cross Country, he was also member of the varsity football tram.

“I’m excited to have Alec as a part of this team,” Jacobs said. “It will really help him to be in more of a competitive running environment on a daily basis. This situation reminds me a lot of when Brandon Gibson came in from Alcona. Brandon played soccer and ran shorter distances in High School. When he ran with our team, he flourished due to a new level of competition day in and day out.”