Governor not doing anything to help seniors

Dear Gov. R. Snyder,

After reading the paper this morning, I was very upset over your plans that say you’re helping us seniors. No. 1, we seniors are now living into the 90s and 100s and for you to want to tax our pensions is absolutely ridiculous. You have just hurt your chances with us seniors re-electing you again. No. 2, you and our legislature have done the worst things since your four years in office. We have the highest gas prices, than any other state. You have hurt our school system, road conditions, and counties, and those working to make an adequate living. If you had any P.R. at all, you would now how much this way of thinking has hurt our state. You make us pay in the taxes for everything. My husband and I have found ays to save money to by on, without giving our savings to you to run this state.

Heaven forbid that we are living to be in our 80s. I feel sympathy for our younger generation. They will have to pay taxes on money they worked hard for. If they are able to make a living in this state? When they retire they should then move out of Michigan.

Velma Myers

Barton City